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Selecting ceremony, reception,  & dinner music
This web page is designed to help you select music for your wedding.  Audio samples of the most requested works.  We also suggest you also visit the frequently asked questions for further information.  .

Music is programmed to meet your individual needs. 

     Sound system recommended for outside performances.

Time needed: (It usually takes about)
     Wedding only                             1.5 hours
     Wedding with cocktail hour         2    hours
     wedding with Reception / Dinner 3 -4 hours

       15-30 min.  before ceeremony
        30-45 min.  during ceremony
          30-60 min   recessional, photos or cocktail hour.
          1-3 hours Dinner/feception

Music suggestions for: (click below to hear music)
   preludes                                        ceremony 
   procession                                     reception Line 
   recessionals                                   reception 
   exit of Bride, Groom                    dinner                  
   accompaniments for soloists

Music prior to ceremony  
     Jesu Joy:                 (Qt.)  by J. S. Bach
     Mio Babbino Caro: (Qt.)  by Puccini
     Air to Water Music: (Qt.) by Handel
   Pachelbel Kanon:  (Qt.)  by Pachelbel
     The Swan:               (Qt.) Saint Saens
     Chopin Prelude:    (Qt.) by Chopin
   Ashokin Farewell: (Qt.)  by JayUngar  
   Lullaby:                   (Qt.)  by Hofeldt
     Dona Nobis:           (Qt.) by Traditional
   Sheep May Safely Graze: (Qt.) by Bach
   Ave Verum:            (Qt.)  by Mozart
     Bach Double Violin Concerto Mvt 2: (Qt.) by J. S. Bach
       Tramuari:                (Qt.) by Schumann
   Haydn Serenade: (Qt.) by Haydn
       Fantasia on Greensleeves: (Qt.) by Ralph Vaughn Williams
   Over the Rainbow:  (Qt.) by Harburg and Arlen
     On Wings of Music: (duet)  Mendelssohn etc.

     Jesu Joy:                   (Qt.) by J. S. Bach
     Air to Water Music:   (Qt.) by Handel
     Pachelbel Kanon:     (Qt.) by Pachelbel
     Chopin Prelude:        (Qt.) by Chopin
   Ashokin Farewell:      (Qt.) by JayUngar
   Lullaby:                        (Qt.) by Hofeldt
     Dona Nobis:                (Qt.) by Traditional
     Ich Liebe Dich:            (Qt.) by Grieg
   Sheep May Safely Graze: (Qt.) by Bach
   Ave Verum:                  (Qt.) by Mozart
     Bach Double Violin Concerto Mvt 2: (Qt.)  by J. S. Bach
      Tramuari:                       (Qt.) by Schumann
   Haydn Serenade:         (Qt.) by Haydn
       Fantasia on Greensleeves: (Qt.) by Ralph Vaughn Williams
   Over the Rainbow:       (Qt.) by Harburg and Arlen
   Trumpet Voluntary:       (Qt.) by Clarke
     Trumpet Tune:              (Qt.) by Purcell
     Wedding March (traditional) (by Wagner) **

recessional: joyful, happy and up-beat.
   Wedding March traditional recessional (by Mendelssohn) **
     Jesu Joy:                        (Qt.) by J. S. Bach
     Rondeau:                        (Qt.) by J. Clarke
   Trumpet Voluntary:        (Qt.) by Handel
     Trumpet Tune:               (Qt.) by Purcell
   Finale to Water Music:  (Qt.) by Handel
   Saint Anthony Chorale:  (Qt.) by Haydn
     Air to Water Music:         (Qt.)  by Handel
     On Wings of Music:        (duet)  by Mendelssohn

During Wedding:
communion, sand ceremony or Unity Candle. 

     Serenade:                     (Qt.) by Schubert
     The Swan:                     (Qt.) Saint Saens
     Ave Maria:                     (Qt.) by Bach-Gounod
     Ave Maria:                     (Qt.) by Schubert
     Mio Babbino Caro:       (Qt.) by Puccini

Reception Line   cheerful and up-beat
     Oh What a Beautiful Morning:    (Qt.) by Rogers and Hammerstein
   Highlights From The Sound of:   (Qt.) by Rogers and Hammerstein
     Country Club Rag:         (Qt.) by Scott Joplin
     Ich Liebe Dich:                (Qt.) by Grieg
       Waltz from Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings

Some Formal Classic selections:
     Eine Kleine Nacht Music: (Qt.) by Mozart
     Ich Liebe Dich:                (Qt.) by Grieg
     The Swan:                       (Qt.) Saint Saens
     Schubert or other Serenades:
         Fast movements from classical String Quartets.
         Baroque Brandenburg type concertos or Corelli Sonata Da Chiesa. .  
(Brandenburg 3)

The Reception  Usually a variety of styles, textures.  Movie tunes, classics, waltzes, rags, polkas, popular songs, traditional standards etc.   

   Oh What a Beautiful Morning:   (Qt.)  by Rogers and Hammerstein
   Mio Babbino Caro:                       (Qt.)  by Puccini)
Highlights From The Sound of:  (Qt.) by Rogers and Hammerstein
   Country Club Rag:                       (Qt.) by Scott Joplin
Waltz from Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings
       Syncopated Clock:                               by Leroy Anderson
   Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago  (Qt.) by Maurice Jarre
   Ich Liebe Dich:                              (Qt.) by Grieg
       Try to Remember:                                by Harvey Schmids
I Talk to the Trees:                             by Frederick Loewe
   Brandenburg #3 Mvt. 1               (Qt.) by J. S. Bach
       Exodus (main theme)                          by Ernest Gold
      Paragon Rag                                        by Scott Joplin
       My Favorite Things                             by Richard Rogers
Ashokan Farewell                         (Qt.)by Jay Unger
Brahms Hungarian Dance # 5      (Qt.) by Brahms

A String quartet is perfect background music for any formal dinner.  It also is just the right volume to allow for comfortable conversation.   

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 Air: Bach
   Dona Nobis
   Jesu Joy
   Gesu Bambino

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