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The Phoenix String Quartet Association is a non profit organization that promotes string quartets through grants, music libraries, fundraising and advertising.  We are dedicated to ensuring the finest professional standards and strive to make affordable live music available to the public.

We provide the following services for each member ensemble:
  o website development and management
  o booking
  o financial services
  o publisity & advertising 
 Access to Association library of arrangements.

Grant Program:                    Grant program is under construction at this time:
  o Matching Fund Grants: 
  o Residency Grants
  o Non Profit benefit concerts.

Member quartets:  .
are staffed with professional musicians with many years of experience.
  o  give superb attention to behind the scene details to ensure a seamless performance.
  o  are adept at in timing the music to your event.
  o flexible, able to meet changes on the fly.
  o  are experienced with corporate & private needs. 
  o  conduct themselves professionally and dress professionally.
  o  are punctual, dependable and seek to provide you with a worry free program.
  o  share overhead/booking to reduce performance rates.   
  o  In the event an individual is ill, an associate member, that is familiar with the music can substitute.
  o  To ensure continuity, one member of the Phoenix String Quartet performs with each member ensemble.
Member Ensembles

  Chandler String Quartet  
  Mesa String Quartet  
Phoenix String Quartet
        o  Phoenix String Trio          "   "    "   " 
          o  Phoenix String Orchestra    "    "    "    "   

            o  Scottsdale String Quartet
              o  Scottsdale String Trio        "    "    "    "
                o  Tempe String Quartet


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 Air: Bach
   Dona Nobis
   Jesu Joy
   Gesu Bambino